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I began my journey of a life committed to enhancing awareness and living more mindfully in 2013. My father, Russell Sturgess (who is the founder and principal of The Centre for Western Mindfulness), was my mentor, and I spent nine months embarking on my first journey of radical self discovery. A journey that I have continued on every day since. 

On completion of the program I decided to leave my 'successful', high pressure career in the fashion industry, where I had spent eight years in management and leadership positions, to work for my father and become a mentor in my own right. I participated in the Western Mindfulness Mentor Training Program in 2015 and also took on the role of Executive Officer at The Centre for Western Mindfulness. I received my mentor certification early in 2016, and have since gone on to become a Western Mindfulness Senior Mentor, as well as a tutor for trainee mentors.

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Away from work most of my time is devoted to my family which includes my husband Craig, and our two daughters, Frankie and Mila. I am also a main carer for my sister Adelaide, who was born with Williams Syndrome and who also lives with Dissociative Disorder.

As a family we spend most holidays camping with friends or extended family, with beach camping on the western side of Moreton Island being my favourite place in the world; although any remote, private space with water is ideal. 


Craig and I are avid card and board game players. Poker, Samba, Canasta, Carcassonne, Ticket to Ride, Skip Bo, Cribbage, Chess, Kubb, you name it, we likely play it. Although, more recently, Snap and Memory with the kids have been the most played games in our house. 

Individually I spend time reading (mostly books about conscious parenting, spirituality, or anything to do with conscious and mindful living), building homes on a 3D house design app (my guilty pleasure), exercising, and when time permits, seeing my girlfriends, most of whom I have been friends with since high school.


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