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I mentor people through a process that results in expanded self-awareness, called Pathways to Mindfulness (PTM). PTM is a framework of structured contemplation that can help you navigate your way through the ebbs and flows of life.


The process helps you discover one of the most insightful pieces of information about yourself, that sits at the foundation of all of the mental, physical, and emotional pain you endure in your adult life. You will discover the nature of your childhood programming and how it is tainting the way you perceive the world around you. Towards the end of the PTM experience, you will also be exposed to the values shift that is required if you truely aspire to hold inner peace as a more consistent life experience. ​

But most importantly, the point of Pathways to Mindfulness is to engrave the understanding into your mind that expanding your awareness (learning), and being more mindful (pausing before reacting to consider your options) are essential skills to foster if you want to rise and learn from lifes challenges, and grow into the life experience you desire for yourself. 

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Pathways to Mindfulness was developed by The Centre for Western Mindfulness. The program has proven to be aligned with the latest research regarding neuroplasticity and neural pathway development, and has been packaged as an easy-to-follow, step-by-step process.


PTM is made up of five steps. To help you remember the five steps, we use an acronym using the word CHASM. A chasm is the profound difference between two things, whether it be people, viewpoints or feelings. In this case it is the difference between your current life experience (burnout, depression, challenging relationships etc), and one where a more consistent state of inner-peace, joy and fulfilment prevails. 

Using CHASM as the foundation for each session, participants will gain an understanding of how to make the changes that will result in a better quality of life - through enhancing awareness, and living mindfully.

Click on each letter to find out more about the five step process. 


Each version of the program is delivered in a high quality workbook with a complementary mindfulness journal. Clients who have worked with counsellors or therapists prior to participating in PTM, often comment on how much they enjoy the less formal relationship dynamic of working with a mentor, and appreciate having a physical workbook and structured process to work through. Having a clear start and end to the process, and something they could refer back to for years to come, was a huge benefit to their journey of self discovery and transformation. 


Free Introductory Course

One-on-one Online Mentoring

The Introductory Course consists of two 90-minute sessions full of thought provoking content that doubles as an opportunity to 'test drive' the process, and my approach to mentoring. Gain clarity around how my service will benefit you, and discover first hand if I am the right fit for your journey of self development.

Private Mentoring

One-on-one Online Mentoring

This is a groundbreaking experience that empowers you with the knowledge and tools to transform your life experience anytime you feel unsettled. Embark on a six month journey of  mind altering insight and self discovery, or an eight-week extraction of the most significant parts of the process. 

Conscious Parenting

Group Online Workshop

This course is designed to heighten your level of self awareness so that you have a greater capacity to respond consciously, in a calm and kind way, when interacting with your children. Through displaying unconditional love toward our children, we teach them how to be kind and compassionate adults.

I offer a satisfaction guarantee on all of my mentoring services. You can read the Terms and Conditions of my service here.

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