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60 - 90 Minutes

Science has taught us that when a baby is born it has countless neurons (nerve cells) in the brain ready to be programmed by their human experience. Each individual’s unique journey of human consciousness (physical, mental and emotional) sees the brain developing neural connections in response to the stimuli of everyday living. This programming sees us develop habits, or subconscious beliefs, expectations and behaviours that collectively control how we live our lives and are mostly inspired by someone else, including the family and the society in which we were raised. What that effectively means is that we as adults are unconsciously having our ‘strings pulled’ by a child version of ourselves.


For most of us, 95% of the time we function on 'autopilot'. And in most cases, about two thirds of the time we are on 'autopilot', the thoughts, feelings, and actions (reactions) we resort to are not beneficial and at times harmful to our wellbeing. 

In our first session together we will explore what it means to live consciously rather than subconsciously (on autopilot). You will discover three behaviours that prevent you from creating the life experience you desire, and I will share the remedy for overcoming these three blocks. This first session is quite heavy on the sharing of information, but rest assured it is the only one of its kind. The fundamentals covered in this session are absolutely essential for you to understand if you are to decide if my services are right for you. 

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60 - 90 Minutes

To experience a new reality you need to engage in life with a new awareness (new ways of thinking) and new behaviours. To develop new behaviours you have to create and strengthen new neural pathways in the brain. As with any map, the first thing you have to do is to identify where you are situated now, then identify where you want to go. In this second session you will begin to explore your current reality (where you are currently situated on the map).


To achieve this you will complete a 60 question multiple choice survey. Your answers will provide insight as to how aware you are (the less aware we are, the more we tend to struggle in life). Without judgement, shame, or guilt, you will be gently guided to step back and observe the current state of who you are physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually (in the context of the work I do, spiritual relates to what you value). Your results will also display how you embrace; personal development, self-nurturance, personal accountability, health and wellbeing, and the extent to which you are socially integrated.

Click on the letters to explore the four elements of consciousness, and the symptoms you may be experiencing if you are less aware of any of the four elements.

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