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Free Webinar - COMING SOON

If you are in a painful place, then you are attached, in one way or another, to the idea that you will find happiness outside of yourself. However, the suffering you are experiencing is in fact a gift, as it is an invitation for you to become more conscious.


You see, if everything remained pleasant in your life, you wouldn't be motivated to change. But, if you are hurting enough, you might just consider letting go of all that you previously deemed to be important, realising that it is no longer serving you.  This detachment from the desires that satisfy the egoic mind is essential, because as long as you remain fixated on them, you will be too distracted to maintain awareness of your 'authentic self', your inner Being, that has a direct connection with true joy and fulfilment.

In this two hour online course you will learn: 

- what the 'unhappy self' is and how it came to be

- where the 'unhappy self' looks for happiness

- what prevents the external sources of happiness being sustainable

- what we do when the things that make us happy are taken away

- how our suffering is in fact a wonderful gift

- where we find true happiness if it is not where we were looking

If you enjoyed the free webinar, and would like to find out more, then I invite you to join me for a 90 minute, one-on-one, online mentoring session. (Check it out here.)

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