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8-Week Online Group Workshop

$590 AUD

Conscious Parenting is a process of heightening self awareness. It's not about eliminating the source of your parenting stressors and challenges, but about enhancing your capacity to relate to these situations differently, with a greater sense of calmness and kindness. It's about expanding your ability to be able to show your children that you love them unconditionally even in the more difficult moments.

This is how we strengthen our connection and relationship with our children. This is also how we teach our children to be kind and compassionate adults, who possess a strong sense of their self worth - we embody the desired behaviours ourselves.

No matter what stage of the parenting journey you are on; planning, expecting, new born, toddler, young child, teenager, adolescent, or even if your children are now adults, it is never too late to start focussing inward and understanding your own inner child, so that you can start showing up as the sort of parent you want to be, and the sort of parent your child needs.

The Conscious Parenting courses take place online via zoom over eight consecutive weeks. Participants will attend six group sessions, and two one-on-one mentoring sessions. ​​Payment is required at time of registration and your materials will be sent via express post one week before the event (earlier if you reside over seas).

Week 1 - Understanding Consciousness: Understanding how your habits are formed, identifying three behaviours that prevent you from experiencing life differently, and two fundamental skills that help you to change those behaviours.

Week 2 - Awareness Assessment: Identify what aspects of your consciousness you are less aware of. The less aware we are, the more we tend to struggle. 

Week 3 - What's Working and What Isn't: Explore four aspects of your consciousness that would have the most far reaching and beneficial impact in your life if you were to become more mindful of them.

Weeks 4 & 5 - Understanding Your Story: Two one-on-one mentoring sessions to discover your own childhood narrative. 

Week 6 - Imagining an Alternative Reality: Explore what a kinder, more loving reality might look like, where you experience loving relationships, improved health and wellbeing, clarity of purpose and more inner-peace. 

Week 7 - Developing New Neural Pathways: We all know how hard it is to stop established habits. Creating a better serving habit requires us to create and strengthen new neural connections in the brain, which is what you are working on and learning about in this session.

Week 8 - Being Mindful Not Wilful: Changing one’s behaviour can change a habit, but it is probably the most unreliable way to do so. The most important thing to do is to change your thoughts, your actions will follow. This session provides you with tools to help you stay focussed on strengthening the new neural pathway in the brain, so it can replace your old habitual thought patterns and behaviours.

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Jan 2023

Course Schedule

Register by: 21st Jan

Week 1 - 31st Jan

Week 2 - 7th Feb

Week 3 - 14th Feb

Week 4 - One-on-ones

Week 5 - One-on-ones

Week 6 - 7th Mar

Week 7 - 14th Mar

Week 8 - 21st Mar

May 2023

Course Schedule

Register by: 22nd Apr

Week 1 - 2nd May

Week 2 - 9th May

Week 3 - 16th May

Week 4 - One-on-ones

Week 5 - One-on-ones

Week 6 - 6th Jun

Week 7 - 13th Jun

Week 8 - 20th Jun

Jul 2023

Course Schedule

Register by: 8th Jul

Week 1 - 18th Jul

Week 2 - 25th Jul

Week 3 - 1st Aug

Week 4 - One-on-ones

Week 5 - One-on-ones

Week 6 - 22nd Aug

Week 7 - 29th Aug

Week 8 - 5th Sep

Oct 2023

Course Schedule

Register by: 30th Sep

Week 1 - 10th Oct

Week 2 - 17th Oct

Week 3 - 24th Oct

Week 4 - One-on-ones

Week 5 - One-on-ones

Week 6 - 14th Nov

Week 7 - 21st Nov

Week 8 - 28th Nov

I offer a satisfaction guarantee on all of my mentoring services. You can read the Terms and Conditions of my service here.

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